About Little Nature Show


Our plan with Little Nature Show is to have fun messing around in mud, water, snow, woodlands, marshes and other natural places, and to encourage others to go outside and do the same.  Sometimes we'll stay close to home to reconsider the nature that lives right next to us.  We're serious about "little" nature stories,  but if something big comes along, we'll accomodate it.  Meanwhile, we'll look closely at the little...

The little bird in the snowy hedge... What's to like about such a dull guy?  Where'd it come from?   What does it eat?   Where does it sleep at night?   Does it have a social life?

The Daddy Longlegs in the shade on the porch...  What's with those long long legs?  How did that happen?   How does it manage life with such a bizzare shape?  Is it male or female?  Is it as dangerous as it looks? 

That stick in the creek...  What's all that stuff that's stuck to it?  How'd it get there?  Is it alive?  Plant or animal?   Sharp or squishy? 

The possibilities are endless and exciting.   Our format will be informal and somewhat unstructured, with lots of digressions from the small subject at hand to the big world of science that helps us understand ourselves and our relationship to the natural world.  So, as in the first episodes, we can jump from some backyard birds in the snow - to global warming - and back.  

We're a little show, and though we'll evolve, we'll stay little.   Input from teachers, scientists, and naturalists of all kinds and of every age will help with the evolution.

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We'll keep the show pages tidy and cluttered only with catterpillars, birds, frogs and such.  Annoying and distracting ads flashing on the sides will be avoided, as will a pile of small buttons and hard-to-read links on the homepage.  We'll work to make navigating our website as enjoyable and intuitive as possible - remembering how it feels to take a walk in the woods and look easily from one cool thing to the next, but always find your way back to the path.


Thanks to everyone for the great show of support when episode one launched.  This will be fun!